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Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Natural solutions for a competitive edge.

We know that as an athlete, you have specific needs and concerns regarding your health.

At the SCNM Medical Center and Pain Relief Center, our goal is to help you reach and maintain peak performance. Our team can help you design a customized plan focused on proper nutrition to fuel your workouts, plus provide you with effective treatments for injuries or to enhance muscle recovery post-workout.

Some of the treatment methods we use for athletes include:


The safe, non-toxic treatment options offered at our clinics have also been used by world-renowned Olympic athletes and top professional sports players from teams like the Arizona Cardinals and Arizona Diamondbacks. From refining your diet to implementing our NSF-certified natural supplements, we’ll help give you the boost you need without risking your results or reputation using banned substances. Talk with our physicians to create a sports medicine treatment protocol that fits your needs!

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