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Weight Loss

Weight Loss

There are plenty of health risks associated with weight, but do you know what could be causing your weight gain?

Body image and weight seem to take center stage often these days.  And despite the increased awareness of body shaming or comfort in your own skin, one thing is undeniable—most of our communities are getting heavier.  And this comes with real health risks including a greater incidence of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes.

What’s worse is that many individuals in the medical field continue to emphasize a narrow-minded and inaccurate solution—eat less and move more.  If it were only that simple millions of men and women who have deprived themselves and spent hours a day in a gym wouldn’t still struggle with weight nor feel guilty that they are to blame for their predicament.
The truth is that weight gain can be complicated.  Environmental triggers can influence weight.  Hormonal abnormalities can lead to a steady rise in pounds. Nutritional deficiencies, poor sleep, and unrelenting stress can all be responsible or contribute to unwanted cargo.

Naturopathic doctors are experts at deciphering these puzzles.  After all, what could be more dis-empowering than being told to go exercise more to lose weight when you have zero to little energy to do so.  Yet this happens all the time and is humiliating for patients to experience.

Come and discuss the numerous options that exist to help you achieve better overall health and watch your weight normalize in the process.

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