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Donna Clark - Medicinary Associate

Donna Clark

About Me: I have many years of experience in business, customer service, and travel working for different government agencies in NC, VA, and DC. I love to read and am a sci-fi nerd!

Education: American Institute of Design – 1982; Heritage Institute – 2009; University of PHX – 2014; NVCC – 2014; Currently enrolled at PIHMA – expected graduation date May 2019.

Top Achievement: I was able to set up a travel back office in 30 days when it normally takes about 3 months. The computer crashed and I had to enter in 16 days’ worth of lost data and was still able to get all the required contractual reports completed and reconcile 14 government credit cards on time.

Little-known Fact: I used to bar tend and was known as the “singing bartender” because I would sing karaoke at the same place I worked. I have an Associate’s Degree in Architectural Design.