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Zachary Solt

Zachary Solt Patient Services Representative

Patient Services Representative

About me: I got my start in the United States Army as an infantry unit combat medic. After serving I was recruited by Verizon Wireless as a business sales representative. Following my 8 years with Verizon I was introduced to the SCNM family by my wife, Sabrina, who graduated from SCNM in 2015 and is a practicing NMD here in Phoenix. My passions include weight lifting, photography, and anything with cheese on it.

On weekends I enjoy off-roading with my wife with our two Jeep Wranglers. I moonlight as a photographer and enjoy picture taking adventures when I travel. Traveling is the best education and I am always taking trips when I can.

Florida Atlantic University (2006).

Little Known Fact:
I graduated high school in Santa Cruz Jamaica West Indies and can understand and moderately speak Patois.  Over the course of 5 years I have water skied on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. I also hold two show skiing records, one for consecutive barefoot laps and the other for centering the first five tier pyramid.  In the last 10 years I have lived in every corner of the United States; Tampa Florida, Portland Maine, Portland Oregon, and Phoenix, AZ. Moving decisions based solely on the discovery aspect.