Successful patient outcomes are our leadership's top priority

The leadership of any organization is an essential part of the success matrix.  SCNM's leadership exhibits both strong character as well as ability to direct efforts for the benefit of our medical students.  Ensuring that SCNM’s mission and core values are woven throughout the campus experience, our leaders work tirelessly for our students’ success.

Chairman of the Board

Debi Smolinski, ND, Naturopathic Specialists LLC

Vice Chair

Nick Reed, Vice President, BS, Wells Fargo Bank-Professional Banking

Board Trustees

  • Jon Benninger, BS, Vice President, Informa Exhibitions
  • Craig Connors, BS, A Rainmaker Venture
  • Rufus Glasper, PhD, President and CEO, League for Innovation in the Community College
  • Kevin Guinan, BA, Financial Adviser, JP Morgan Chase Co.
  • David P. Fridovich, MA, Lietenant General (R), US Army
  • Jeffrey Langland, PhD, Faculty Trustee
  • Patti T Milligan, MS, RD, CNS, Founder, Be Memorable Foundation
  • Paul Mittman, ND, EdD, President/CEO, SCNM
  • Timothy Peace, NMD, Peace Wellness Canter
  • Duane Roen, PhD, Vice Provost, Arizona State University Polytechnic Campus
  • Lou Silverman, JD, Owner, Silverman Law Offices
  • Dr. Ruth Tan Lim, MD, MD(H), FAAP, Clinic Director of Pediatrics, Dobson Integrative Medical Center
  • Alexxa Wirth, BS, Student Trustee

Meet SCNM's leadership