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Inspiring Lives: Patients

Our patients are living proof of how effective the naturopathic approach is to one's health. Here are a few of their inspiring stories. 

  • Becky Strauss crop.jpg (1)


    In 2012, Becky had never heard of naturopathic medicine or its effectiveness for patients. But it was during that year her entire world flipped upside down, introducing her to the power of naturopathy.  

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  • Beverly


    On March 10, 2015, Beverly J. Stubbs, 75, wandered into the SCNM medical clinic in a scary daze. “I have an appointment with Dr. Stephen Messer,” Beverly murmured to the front desk staff. As she waited for Dr. Messer to come out she contemplated how she would explain what was happening to her.

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  • 20131029_1351.jpg


    Brian's kidneys were failing. He was looking at dialysis, best case, or a transplant, worst case. After years of seeing traditional doctors, he remembered an ND he worked with, Dr. Volk. On his first visit she asked was “what are you eating?” And, six months later …

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  • Patient-Persepectives_Daniel-Fulton


    Daniel hit a tree while snowboarding in Telluride. ICU doctors only gave him a 1% chance. He was in a coma and non-responsive. His mom brought him back to Arizona and to the SCNM Medical Center...

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  • Patient-Perspectives_Gwen-McGlaun


    Gwen spent four and a half years in the army, and another year and a half in the reserves. Now, she and her husband desperately wanted a baby. Her health was not at all good. She suffered from Crohn’s disease, chronic pain, and a bad menstruation cycle. What happened over there …

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  • Jill Osborn 8.18.16 crop.jpg (1)


    Jill visited the SCNM Medical Center after suffering from severe neck pain caused by her career as a violinist. Jill tried numerous methods to alleviate the pain, but she finally decided it was time for a change.

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  • Autism-Story-Baral-Matthias-David.jpg

    Johanna and David

    Mattias was having respiratory and ear infections. He was just two months old.

    At a year, he was losing his hearing. The pediatrician was treating him for immune issues. At the same time, he was starting to withdraw from interaction.

    It was something else…

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  • sage blog sq.jpg


    After living a lifetime with joint pain and going through multiple surgeries with no real solutions, Norma found relief with stem cell treatments.

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  • Peggy Mullan 1.png


    This is enough to scare anyone. Her family had a history of strokes and there she was, with a cholesterol level that was “off the charts.” So, she took matters into her own hands. She eliminated meat from her diet, and she 50 points. Good thing.

    But, she was not out of the woods. She was determined and her life depended on it …

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  • Shay crop for website.jpg


    Before Shay began seeking care at the SCNM Medical Center, she was unable to digest food and taking multiple medications. Her confidence in her body's ability to heal was basically gone, along with her karate program.

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  • Susan Wyatt crop - edited and approved.jpg


    For years, all Susan heard from doctors were things like: “Well Susan, we just don’t know why you’re sick,” or, “I’m not sure what’s going on, but take more pain medication and let’s follow up.”

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  • Trey-9.jpg


    Trey’s energy was really low. His immune system was just about shutting down. He suffered tics throughout his body. Dana rushed him to a pediatric neurologist. The doctor ran tests, and then prescribed a medication with horrible side effects. There had to be a better way …

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  • wendy-cuthbertson.jpg


    Wendy thought her cystic acne was a lost cause. She couldn't understand what happened. The antibiotics her dermatologist prescribed were damaging her digestive system. She knew there had to be a better way. 

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