Peggy Mullan“My cholesterol was a frightening 370.” – Peggy

When my cholesterol hit 370, I knew I had to take my health into my own hands. Strokes run in my family and I simply didn’t want to go there. So, I eliminated meat from my diet. My cholesterol dropped 50 points but I still had farther to go.

The desire to be a better global citizen was also becoming important to me. Over the last few years, I read about the protein we eat in the U.S. and how it effects the environment and our health.

I had been moving toward veganism for some time but these two drivers really pushed me to take the leap but I needed a better understanding of cooking and nutrition to bolster my move. SCNM President and CEO, Dr. Paul Mittman, told me about the plant-based nutrition course he developed for SCNM. It was exactly what I was looking for!

The six-week course was thoroughly enjoyable. Sessions were a combination of potlucks, presentations and group discussions. Reading food labels, the relationship between disease and diet, food addictions, and much more was covered. Making the move to a plant-based diet was so much easier to do with 30 other like-minded individuals. The potlucks and recipe sharing showed me the delicious and rich variety of meals I could eat. This wasn’t magic, it was quite simple!

After six weeks, my cholesterol dropped another 16 points, my LDL went down and HDL went up, my triglycerides dropped and I lost 5 pounds. Adhering to the diet has been easy and I’m learning to be disciplined when I go out to eat. Most restaurants have vegetarian options and those meals can easily be made vegan.

“Nourishing” is nurturing the body through nutrition. Now when I eat, I feel like I’m nourishing my body as well as my mind.