A Letter from an SCNM Sage Foundation Patient

Debra was dealing with chronic pain and found relief at Adelante.  She sent us a letter to share her experience.

I’m very appreciative of the SCNM Community Clinic at Adelante in Mesa.  I am over 60 and have a complex medical history including chronic pain, and needed some support and a new protocol.  I came with a list of current issues—and in three sessions at Adelante, I got significant relief in all areas.  The attending naturopathic students were all skilled, professional, compassionate, and really had a desire to hear my story and ask questions to clarify the issues. I can’t tell you how comforting it was to work with people who have a holistic understanding—just being with them was healing in itself.

Before I found the clinic, I was waking up in the middle of the night with shoulder and bladder/pelvic pain as well as intense shooting pains going up and down my legs.  I didn’t know why I was experiencing this pain, which was frightening.  I also felt sluggish, had memory issues, lacked motivation and was procrastinating in important areas of my life.  I have a history of a mild traumatic brain injury, so I was beginning to wonder if this was a new normal. I also had ongoing digestive and sinus issues.  I was feeling overwhelmed.

A naturopathic doctor oversaw the students and they created a step-by-step protocol that included homeopathy, acupuncture, home self-care, and supplements

I really appreciate the education that was provided during the session.  I understood the holistic approach and am amazed by the results.  The naturopathic students explained an acupuncture protocol to me that involved the relationship of one side of the body to the other, so she treated my left hip for my right shoulder.  The points she chose were all sore but I felt some immediate relief and increased range of motion of my shoulder. That night I slept without pain for the first time in a few weeks.  The shoulder is still healing, but the level of pain seemed to permanently diminish and I have been willing to take more risks in my yoga class. 

I also got relief from acupuncture treatments as well as home care for fatigue and pelvic pain.  I’m really surprised that I no longer have pains in my legs, because they woke me up nightly.  For the first time in several years, I’ve had times of pelvic comfort.  After the third session, I came home and finally felt like taking action and made an important phone call that I had been putting off. 

Thank you to the donors and SCNM for creating a program that is so supportive to both students and patients.  After just three sessions, I am experiencing relief from ongoing pain and fatigue, feel a sense of peace and openness to my future, and have a protocol that will allow me more balance. I don’t have to focus so much on my health issues now, and I’m beginning to awaken and energize my creativity and social life.  My mood has lightened knowing that support is here in the community when I need it. 

With appreciation,