An Adelante Story - Lois

Lois wanted to try treating her health issues with a holistic approach, but as she explored naturopathic doctors in the Valley, she discovered Medicare does not cover natural medicine. She was concerned she would not be able to afford the care she wanted. She shared, “I learned that there were, at the time, 17 states where Medicare accepted naturopathic doctors. There needed to be 25 states that did the same before it would become universal in all states. It was a slow process. I wondered if I would ever be able to participate.”

Fortunately, an ND at the SCNM Medical Center informed Lois of the SCNM community clinic at Adelante Healthcare in Mesa. She made an appointment and began treatment for her thyroid and osteoporosis. Lois found exactly the type of care she was looking for. She told us, “I am in joy working with the two student doctors to be! I feel vitally cared about and cared for.”

She also found the treatment to be more effective than what she had tried in the past. She explained, “For the first time in two years of experiencing one health issue after another, I am beginning to see glimpses of being on the path to truly healing. I have hope.”

Due to the warm and thoughtful care Lois receives at the clinic, she even feels more motivated to do the “homework” the student clinicians ask her to do. She told us, “I wish everyone could feel the way I do about going to the doctor!” Each day she feels stronger, healthier, more vibrant, and she looks forward to her appointments.