Healthy Treats for Halloween

We know the Halloween goodies laid out in stores this time of year are tempting.  If you want to stay healthy during spooky season, but are tired of celery and carrot sticks with dip being the go to snack, perhaps it’s time to get creative. 

Of course if you still like your carrots and other standard healthy snacks, there’s no reason not to have them—but perhaps try some of the naturally colored variations.  Purple, deep red and other unusual varieties can be found fairly easily, and while you’re at it, check out other fruits, vegetables and starches, like potatoes, that now have the same interesting shades.  Colorful root vegetables like these are absolutely delicious steamed or baked, but for a cool spooky effect, include red vegetables like red bell peppers and grill them for some black charring.  If you’re concerned that charring the food isn’t healthy (there is some debate on this), just rub it away before eating.

Some people might remember when a fun Halloween trick was to fill a bowl with spaghetti, hide it behind a curtain, and have people reach into the “guts.”  You don’t have to dig your hands through the food, but you can still get a healthy spaghetti substitute with spaghetti squash.  Plentiful this time of year, when cut in half and baked, just raking a fork down the center will produce spaghetti-like strands that can even be topped with your favorite tomato sauce for that “bloody” effect.

Create an updated version of the Monster Mash by mashing avocado and spreading it on a piece of toast (gluten-free, or whatever you choose) and spread the “top” portion of your monster mash toast with Nori (a type of seaweed dark in color).  Of course you can have some fun adding radish eyes and get creative with other vegetables for facial expressions.  If you squeeze lemon juice on the avocado, it won’t turn brown.

There are always the “old” healthy standards, like hard-boiled eggs with two olive slices for eyes and lots of ideas and recipes for goodies on the internet for you to find more inspiration.  When you do create your spooky spread, give us a comment here on our blog, or go to any one of our social media platforms and show us a snap of your “monsterpiece”!