How to Get a Good Workout Without the Gym

No gym?  No problem!  One of the main reasons people give for not working out is not having access to a gym.  The good news is that you don't need to have a gym membership to get in a quality workout.  Fitness is essential to maintaining a high level of health, so don't let the lack of a gym stop you from exercising.

Here are some forms of exercise that do not require any gym equipment.  Even if you have a gym membership, these are great workouts you can do when you are traveling.

Body weight exercises

Utilizing your own body weight is a great way to break a sweat.  Pushups, burpees, air squats, situps, planks and leg raises will engage a variety of muscles in your body and can all be done in a small space.  Click here to learn about some different pushup variations.  You can also buy a door frame pullup bar for a great back and shoulders exercise.   

Find a park

Heading to the park will not only give you an opportunity to exercise, it will also get you out in the fresh air and the sun!  Playing pickup basketball, soccer, biking, taking a jog or even just a leisurely walk will get you moving and burning calories.  You can also exercise using simple jungle gym structures you can find in the park.  This man has gotten in incredible shape working out in the park!


You can practice yoga almost anywhere be it in a hotel room, outdoors, or in your own living room.  Yoga is an excellent way to improve flexibility, strength and mental health.  

Take a hike

Hiking is a wonderful way to experience nature while exercising.  Whether it is a difficult mountain or a flat trail, there are hikes for all different fitness levels.  Be sure to bring water!

If you want to learn more about fitness and healthy living, contact the SCNM Medical Center.