Managing Back Pain

Back pain.  It’s one of the top reasons that Americans see doctors, massage therapists and take medication.  Most people will, understandably, go to any lengths to relieve the pain. When you want your back to stop hurting, you want it to stop now!  The problem often comes after the pain is absent for a short period of time; that’s when it’s easy to forget to maintain a healthy back to avoid future issues.  The perfect time to prevent further onset of back issues is when back pain is low or has temporarily gone away,

Whether the back problem began from an injury, overuse, misuse (did you lift that heavy object with your back or as recommended with your legs and arms?) or simply time, many of the preventative actions that can be done on a regular basis are simple and can help avoid the need for medication, or even worse: surgery. 

Dr. Casey Seenauth, Pain Management Specialist at the SCNM Pain Relief Center, was recently quoted in Back on Site with some valuable advice:  “Core strengthening exercises make a difference , as the muscles in our abdomen and low back work to keep the spine stable through a range of movement.”

Numerous core strengthening stretches and exercises can be found on the internet, and carefully trying out what you feel is right for your needs is a good way to start.  The key is to find something that you will be able to commit to on a regular basis.  Some options include fun activities such as dance, partner stretching and yoga. 

Dr. Seenauth adds that there are more challenging ways to build up core strength, which really come in handy if you work a physical job.  Some of his suggestions include planks, bird dogs and hip bridges.  You can visit with Dr. Seenauth or other pain relief experts to show you how to do more advanced movements correctly so you aren’t doing more harm than good.

Dr. Seenauth concluded, “Back pain is often due to the activation of pain receptors in connective tissue—ligaments, tendons, and muscle attachments.  We irritate these tissues through over-stretching, pressure or overwork.  Prolotherapy (core strength building and stretching) is a natural, non-surgical and non-medicinal treatment that can strengthen weakened connective tissue and reduce pain.”

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