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Food Allergy vs. Food Intolerance

Although the terms food intolerance, also commonly referred to as food sensitivity, and food allergies are used interchangeably they actually have very different meanings.
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Five SCNM Students Share Tips for Handling Stress

Medical school requires lots of hard work and dedication which will inevitably lead to stress.  Students have to be able to handle the stress that comes their way, both from school and life in general.  We were fortunate enough to hear from some SCNM students on how they manage the stress that comes from the rigors of medical school.
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Meals and Exercise: Time it Right

The point of a pre-workout meal is to fuel yourself so you can perform your best and put less stress on your body.  Meals before exercise, when balanced right, will help to keep you energized, provide endurance through the workout and prevent muscle breakdown.
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Hormonal Imbalance, Depression and Functional Medicine

Functional medicine is a biology-based approach to healing the root cause of any medical issue. It is one of the key ways naturopathic doctors are able to help patients resolve a variety of problems.  A given diagnosis can stem from more than one cause.  For example, depression may be linked to inflammation, Vitamin D deficiency and low thyroid functioning—each contributing to depression in the individual. 
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Minimalism: Having Less Gives You More

One trend that has been sweeping the nation for the last few years is Minimalism. Many people don’t know exactly what it means or believe it to be a bizarre concept because we live in a society that places high value on material items and money. 
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What is it Like to Kick Opioids to the Curb?

topic many articles in the news have recently focused on is opioids and the body’s response to withdrawal when a user stops taking them.  Although the response someone has depends upon several factors such as duration of use, amount of use, type of opiate and individual metabolism, there are some important facts to know about what someone is preparing to stop opioid usage.
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