The Benefits of a Vitamin C Infusion

Naturopathic medicine is utilized in conjunction with many modern cancer treatments, especially when it can help with some of the most difficult side effects many cancer patients experience during chemotherapy and radiation.  One of the topics that many cancer patients present our doctors with is their struggle with a lowered immune system.  Fatigue often accompanies the demands of both treatment and the body’s attempt to fight the cancer they have.  Many people report that a vitamin C infusion can make a significant difference and provide relief during this difficult time, since it can address many of these side effects and ease the patient’s progress through their treatments.

It is important to know that getting a vitamin C infusion is actually something that needs to be prescribed by a doctor and administered in a medical setting, but that can be from both licensed naturopathic doctors.  Both naturopathic and modern medicine doctors can perform this making either route an option--a great example of how true integrative health care works in the best interests of the patient.  Also important to point out is that this is not a treatment that is currently recognized as a “cure” for cancer via killing cancer cells (or for any other reason), but to have the option of any type of relief added into a cancer treatment plan is certainly a benefit.

A frequent question people ask is why an infusion of vitamin C works more effectively that an oral supplement or diet change. The infusion is more effective due to the fact that many patients are not only already severely afflicted with nausea, but that in IV infusion actually goes directly into the bloodstream.  This bypasses the need for the processing by the digestive tract that any other method of vitamin C ingestion requires.  Vitamin C IV infusions also help boost the immune system, which is very important for cancer patients who already have a compromised immune system.  Another strong reason for cancer patients to utilize this therapy is the extremely low possibility of any side effects from the treatment.

At SCNM, our doctors also make sure they are constantly monitoring the overall health of the patient for any needed adjustment to IV therapy and any other naturopathic procedures that they perform.  They work closely with anyone else that the patient approves the release of their information to, including any other doctor or center that the patient is utilizing.  Licensed naturopathic doctors are committed to working together with other doctors across the spectrum of medicine in the best interests of the patient while treating for any issue the patient is seeking to resolve.

For more information about vitamin C IV infusions, or any other type of infusion and IV specials that SCNM currently provides, contact the medical center at 480-428-3232.