The Roosevelt Health Center's Dr. Lilia Feria

Dr. Lilia Feria (SCNM 2014) has come full circle from her days as an SCNM student to opening SCNM’s largest community clinic, the SCNM Roosevelt Health Center.

Dr. Feria moved to the United States from Mexico when she was just seven years old. She was first exposed to natural medicine by her grandmother, who healed their impoverished community with natural remedies such as botanical medicine and hydrotherapy. She learned these modalities from her Aztec background.

After moving to the United States she had a huge paradigm shift once she realized how different medical care was here. She struggled with regular conventional medicine because it was not answering her own health questions. During a shopping trip to Whole Foods, Dr. Feria found a brochure containing the initials NMD. Intrigued by these unfamiliar credentials, she went home to research what they stood for. Almost immediately she knew she had found her calling.

Nine years later, Dr. Feria is the first physician to oversee the Roosevelt Health Center and she is not taking the opportunity for granted. She told us, “I am trying to do my best every single day, whether for the students or for the patients. I want to make everyone’s experience amazing.”

As an educator, Dr. Feria nurtures her students in the health center’s fast paced environment while encouraging them to face challenges and learn from their mistakes. As a doctor, she provides a healing and welcoming environment. She described how sitting down with a patient and looking them in the eye can sometimes be more healing than medication or supplements. She explained, “A lot of our patients are very low income and haven’t had access to any sort of medical care. It’s not about being a medical center or giving out medications, it’s about the human experience here. And that’s what I absolutely love.”

After being open only a few months, the community is quickly realizing what a great resource this health center is.  Dr. Feria recalls, “We have had quite a few referrals from acute to chronic care. Many people still can’t believe they can walk in for free, get a full medical work up and fantastic care. They are not only wowed by the architecture, but by the students and doctors. They know they are in a different kind of healthcare center.”

Dr. Feria hopes that someday soon the Roosevelt Health Center will be open all day Monday through Friday and perhaps even collaborate with other specialists such a dentists and cardiologists. She firmly believes collective intelligence is the best way to provide optimal care for her patients.

Grateful and honored to have this position, Dr. Feria told us, “Every day I come in with a smile on my face, not because I have to, but because the four hours I spend here is the best four hours of my day.“

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