Tips for Cutting Meal Prep Times in Half

This is the time of year when many of us get really busy, whether it’s going back to school or squeezing in those last-minute summer adventures.  So, who couldn’t use a few hacks that make preparing healthy food easier?  Our doctors chime in about ways they cut meal prep time (and have less wasted food, too):

  1. Use leftovers to flavor your salads: bits of cooked vegetables, salmon or turkey. And, with some nuts/seeds/sun dried tomatoes, this combo makes a fantastic salad that is really quick to assemble. You can even purchase a big box of organic salad greens to make it that much easier!
  2. Use leftovers to flavor things like egg bakes. You can bake eggs and veggies/meat into little omelettes using muffin tins or simple for a hearty morning scramble. This also works with tofu, if you are not eating eggs.
  3. Leftover cauliflower can become a base for a grain-free pizza, or it can be blended with Mayo/Veganaise and tahini into a delicious dip.  
  4. Have healthy sauces on hand! Leftover broccoli can be transformed into a Thai noodle dish by adding some bell peppers, rice noodles, and a sauce. You can do Thai one night, and then make it Japanese the next night with rice, sprinkling Furikake on it (but be sure to look for a MSG-free version), salmon, and seaweed, etc. Most supermarkets have an Asian section with Thai, Chinese, and Japanese style sauces; also, you can make these meals in a Mexican or Tex-Mex style, if you prefer. If you live in a bigger city, check out the Asian markets for greater variety, reasonable prices, and fresh tropical fruit.
  5. Leftover rice can be baked with vegetables and cheese (or a dairy-free option) into a one-pot meal that be left to cook for an extended period of time or quickly for a nice meal. The rice can also be used to make rice pudding or porridge for a healthy breakfast alternative.
  6. Leftover vegetables and meat can be easily transformed into soup. Just keep some soup stock or broth and an optional cream/coconut cream on hand. Toss them into a pot and let it boil!

A lot of these ideas might be something new for you to try, so why not experiment a little?  Let us know some of YOUR favorite hacks, we’d love to share them!