What If Yoga Feels Weird

Am I being weird in yoga?  September's national yoga month, and although lots of people absolutely love practicing and leading classes, many of them are secretly wondering, “Am I being weird in yoga?”  Probably not; see our list below of what is actually not only “normal” but probably a sign you’re getting a lot out of your sessions.  This might sound a little strange, but read on and see if you recognize any of these reactions that you (or a friend) have experienced.  Our SCNM Learning Specialist and Yoga teacher, Jill Drowne, was kind enough to let us know the scoop.

No one tells you these things about doing yoga, but they're legit everything:

  • Crying on the mat is common and NO one will look cross-eyed at you for doing so… we’ve ALL done it
  • Your eating habits (or lack thereof!) become apparent on the mat, especially through the smell of your sweat
  • Time spent on the mat helps reset/ward off negative self-talk
  • “Doing yoga” isn’t JUST on the mat ~ it’s in your daily life, in your actions, behaviors and movement
  • Helps you tune in to your body’s natural messages/needs
  • You gain a second to pause before you respond to be mindful about what & how you respond
  • You learn to appreciate your body and its abilities
  • You think about your posture and are much more aware of your shoulders!
  • Yoga is for all bodies, all shapes, all sizes, all ages
  • Every class, every teacher, every flow, is different
  • Challenge yourself with one class of a style that doesn’t speak to you…it may be exactly what you need to bring balance into your life
  • Not every yoga teacher will be a good fit for you ~ but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go!
  • You find it’s your favorite medicine!
  • You can come as you are…we don’t care if you haven’t showered, are having a bad day, etc.  That’s exactly WHY you should come!
  • Your balance will often differ between the right and left side of your body
  • You notice & observe with curiosity, you don’t criticize or compare
  • You face your fears and challenges in life on the mat
  • You may discover deep, powerful insights in the quiet of the pose
  • You learn your limits…and how far you can push them
  • YOU have the answers you need inside yourself

Jill reassures us that she could add to this list probably to infinity, and consistently encourages and reassures her students (and those tentative wannabes) that you really can’t go wrong with giving it a try.  Probably just as long of a list are the benefits of yoga like becoming more confident with a consistent practice, finding yourself intensely craving a good flow if you stray from the mat for a while, and instantly bonding with other yogis on your shared love for the practice. 

What would you add as YOUR favorite benefit (or weird, yet legit) result from yoga?