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Dr. Jahaz Shine NMD


IV/IM Therapies, Mental-Emotional Wellbeing/Craniosacral Therapy, Digestive Health, Hormonal Health


Dr. Jahaz Shine is a Naturopathic Medical Doctor in the state of Arizona. Her Telemedicine Practice, Shine Integrative Health, serves patients across Arizona.  Dr. Shine received her Naturopathic Doctorate at Bastyr University, San Diego, CA.   She earned a Bachelor’s in Biological and Physical Sciences/Pre-Med from Fontbonne University, St. Louis, MO.  Dr. Shine is also an Adjunct Professor at Grand Canyon University where she teaches Anatomy and Physiology Cadaver Labs.  She has now joined the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine team as a Staff Physician managing the IV Suite.

Dr. Shine served in the United States Air Force for a decade, where she sat on the board of Occupational Wellness, worked in Space and Missile/Flight Medicine, and Air Evacuations.  She has provided care to American military members in 8 countries. Dr. Shine has been in the medical field for over 20 years, serving in various capacities.

Dr. Shine has fought in Washington for Veterans rights and access to care as a member of the Service-Connected Disability community, against the opioid crisis, and for Medicaid/Medicare recipients to have access to Naturopathic care. She is a strong advocate for civil rights, human rights, animal and planetary rights. Dr. Shine’s strongest attribute, many say, is her level of empathy and compassion. One of Dr. Shine’s proudest accomplishments is being a mother to her daughter, Nadiyah.  Dr. Shine enjoys writing, public speaking, being in nature, hiking, camping, fishing, and spending time with friends and family.

Top Emphases

IV/IM Therapies, Mental-Emotional Wellbeing/Craniosacral Therapy, Digestive Health, Hormonal Health.


NREMT/ Flight Training Certification, USAF Technological School, San Antonio, TX 2001

Air Evacuation Flight Medicine Certification, USAF Aerospace School of Medicine, San Antonio, TX, 2003

Bachelor’s of Science Biological and Physical Medicine/Pre-Med, Fontbonne University, St. Louis, MO, 2008

Doctorate, Naturopathic Medicine, Bastyr University, San Diego, CA 2016

Professional Associations

Arizona Naturopathic Medical Association, California Naturopathic Doctor Association

Top achievements in medical profession

  • Speaker, Spring for Health, Bastyr University
  • Speaker, Just In Time Foster Care
  • Speaker, UCSD Medical Ethics Video on BIPOC Specific Equity