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New Pricing!

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Make an appointment with our naturopathic physicians for just $74* – no insurance needed.

Burdened by a digestive disorder, autoimmune disease or skin issue? Experiencing symptoms such as insomnia, low energy, chronic pain or unexpected weight gain?

Our doctors use both natural and conventional methods to treat patients by encouraging the body’s natural healing processes. Treatment approaches such as nutritional therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, homeopathy and physical medicine can help you get your health back on track—or maintain a healthy lifestyle—at an affordable rate! 

Click here to request your first appointment for just $74*

*Includes new patient visit with physician on student shift


New patient, first time visit: $74

Established patient, follow-up: $49

Discounted rates available. Visit our Payment Options & Insurance page to see if you qualify!  

Questions? Please email psr@scnm.edu or call 480.422.2006.