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7 Ways to Naturally Fight Erectile Dysfunction

7 Ways to Naturally Fight Erectile Dysfunction


It may be one of the least popular topics of discussion among men, but it's a condition that effects tens of millions of them at one point or another.  We're talking about erectile dysfunction (ED).  While commonly considered an issue that plagues middle aged and elderly men, it is actually quite common in younger males as well.  A study in The Journal of Sexual Medicine showed that one in four patients seeking treatment for ED are young men.  

Because ED isn't an easy topic to talk about, many men (especially younger men) don't want to bring it up, but they need to know that it is a common condition and nothing to be embarrassed about.  ED can be caused by a number of physical and psychological issues, but the good news is that there are a many ways to combat ED that are natural.  Not only will these methods help you perform better, they will also improve the health of both your mind and body.


We can't stress enough the importance of a quality fitness routine.  Exercise improves blood flow, a key part of achieving and maintaining an erection.  Lifting weights and building muscle also boosts testosterone levels, a major factor in male libido.  


A clean, consistent diet will do wonders for correcting ED and will also improve your overall sex drive.  Certain foods such as oysters, garlic, salmon and hot peppers can help with ED. Check out this list for more details.  Furthermore, a clean diet will help with weight loss.  Obesity is a cause of ED and poor sexual performance.  Losing weight will aid in blood flow, lower risk of heart disease, and improve stamina.  

Natural Supplementation

There are a number of all natural supplements that are effective for treating ED.  Two that we recommend are Thorne Perfusia Plus for improved blood flow, and Gaia Libido-M for nervous system health and increased sexual desire.  You can find these products at the SCNM Medicinary!

Stop Smoking and Limit Drinking

Smoking has almost innumerable negative effects on your health, so everyone should quit regardless of whether they have ED or not!  People suffering from erectile dysfunction should be doubly motivated, as smoking causes vascular disease, a narrowing of the arteries.  This blocks blood flow to the penis and causes other serious health risks.  Alcohol is also something that should be avoided or consumed in small quantities.  The depression of the nervous system caused by alcohol lowers production of nitric oxide, an important chemical for achieving an erection.  This can cause short and long term erectile dysfunction.   


According to The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, acupuncture is effective in treating ED.  Not only does in reduce overall stress (a major contributor to ED), it also combats ED caused by antidepressants.  We offer acupuncture treatments right here at SCNM!

Sleep Properly

Sleep is crucial to your sexual health.  A study published by Brain Research shows that poor quality and/or quantity of sleep has negative effects on testosterone levels.  Poor sleep patterns also cause stress.  


Anxiety is a common cause of erectile dysfunction, especially in younger men.  When life is stressful, it is hard to stay focused and in the moment when being intimate.  Stress also takes a toll on your physical health, which can lead to ED.  Take a look at these stress reduction tips to keep relaxed throughout the day.  

For more information on treatment for ED, contact the SCNM Medical Center.