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Dr. Buratovich on FOOSH Injuries

Dr. Buratovich on FOOSH Injuries


We caught up with Dr. Nick Buratovich to discuss a common cause of pain.  Fall on outstretched hand, or FOOSH injuries are one of the most common injuries sustained to the hand and/or wrist.  Dr. Buratovich recently presented on this subject at the 2017 AANP Conference right here in Phoenix.  In his presentation titled Manipulation Pearls: Practical Applications For Wrist Manipulation, Dr. Buratovich discussed the diagnosis and treatment of FOOSH injuries.

As the name indicates, FOOSH injuries occur when a person suffers trauma to the hand/wrist when trying to break a fall.  These are extremely common injuries in X-Games style sports such as skateboarding, skiing, snowboarding, downhill mountain biking and BMX.  They are also seen in team sports such as football, basketball, volleyball and track.  While common in athletes, anyone can sustain a FOOSH injury during a fall on a hard surface in which they brace themselves with their hands.  

FOOSH injuries can be mild or severe, with treatments ranging from simple stretching and compression bandaging all the way up to surgery depending on the degree of damage.  Dr. Buratovich stated that, "Many of these injuries can be treated with natural therapies such as acupuncture, hydrotherapy. physical manipulation, injection therapy and others."  If you sustain a FOOSH injury, try these effective natural methods to relieve your pain.

Preventative measures can be taken as well to avoid these injuries. These include wearing protective gear, being mindful of surroundings and knowing your limits when it comes to athletic activities.  If you suffer a FOOSH injury, do not wait to seek treatment from a doctor. Continuing to put stress on the hand and wrist without receiving medical treatment can cause long term issues. 

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