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Home Cleaning the Naturopathic Way

Home Cleaning the Naturopathic Way


There is nothing better than having a nice clean living space.  Cluttered homes make for a stressful environment and can be infested with germs. It would seem like there is no downside to having a sparkling home or apartment, but certain cleaning products can have an adverse effect on your health.  

Many chemical cleaners contain toxic ingredients that consumers don't even know about.  Much like a soft drink recipe, any chemical that is considered a "secret ingredient" to a brand's formula can be left off of the label of a cleaning product.  This means that you don't know what you are exposing yourself to when you use a non-natural cleaning product.  

You can buy all natural cleaning products off the shelf from brands such as Ecover, Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, Sun & Earth, and Orange Plus.  These products are better for your health, but often cost more that the average chemical cleaner.  The good news is that you can use very simple ingredients to make your own health conscious cleaning supplies for cheap.

Here are some ways you can clean your home in a way that will benefit your health and your pocketbook.

  • For an all purpose cleaner, mix vinegar with liquid castile soap and water.  You can add some essential oils to give the cleaner a nice smell. 
  • Baking soda mixed with apple cider vinegar is an effective combination for cleaning your drains and is a healthy alternative to highly toxic chemical drain cleaners.  Simply let the mixture sit in the drain for 15 minutes and then wash away with hot water.
  • As a replacement for chemical loaded commercial fabric refreshers, put some cheap vodka in a spray bottle and use it to freshen up upholstery.  
  • Lemon juice and hydrogen peroxide are both natural whiteners that are much healthier than chlorine bleach.
  • Avoid commercial window cleaners (the blue stuff) and use a simple vinegar and water solution with a microfiber cloth to clean your windows and mirrors.

Don't fall for claims made about the effectiveness of chemical cleaners.  Natural alternatives are just as effective and will keep your home not only shiny, but healthy as well.