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Pain Awareness Month: Homeopathy For Pain Relief

Pain Awareness Month: Homeopathy For Pain Relief


In honor of September being Pain Awareness Month, SCNM's Dr. Elizabeth Rice told us about how homeopathic treatments are effective for treating pain.  Read what she had to say below!

Homeopathy is one of the many natural modalities that can be highly effective in treating symptoms associated with chronic pain. It is gentle, effective, and has no side effects or interactions with conventional medications. This is a huge benefit to patient who are already limited in their choice of natural supplements to avoid interactions with their pain medications.

Homeopathy is a unique system of medicine that works by stimulating the body to heal itself. Rather than suppressing symptoms, homeopathy helps restore the body to a more balanced state naturally. It is widely used across the world, and is safe for patients of all ages. Homeopathic medicines are also regulated by the FDA.

Homeopathy is an individualized treatment; there are hundreds of homeopathic remedies indicated for pain and the goal of the homeopathic physician is to select the best-matched medicine based on the patient’s specific symptoms. The closer we are able to match the homeopathic medicine to the patient's symptoms of pain, the better the outcome of treatment.

Homeopathy is different from conventional medicine. It takes into account all of the symptoms a patient has, whether they seem to be directly related to their chronic pain or not. It is considered a holistic medicine; changes in the function of a patient’s physical, mental, and emotional states are all investigated by the homeopathic physician and used to select the homeopathic medicine. Inevitably, chronic pain is often accompanied by emotional distress. Whether it’s frustration, anxiety, despair, anger or depression – the emotional side of chronic pain can often be just as debilitating as the pain itself.

For acute pain conditions, the course of treatment is short (typically hours to days), but for longstanding, chronic conditions, treatment usually lasts for many months to several years (depending on the severity of the pain). However, homeopathy, unlike many other forms of medicine, can bring about reversal and full resolution of an illness. While it may take time, and often follows a “2 steps forward, 1 step back” pattern, patients who are treated homeopathically often experience dramatic improvements in their health and pain symptoms.

If you are dealing with chronic or acute pain, contact the SCNM Pain Relief Center by clicking here to learn how we can help.