Your health begins in the GI

Your body’s ability to convert food into the building blocks of continued life is among the most fundamental contributors to your overall health. Digestive difficulties can diminish that integral ability, resulting in a cascade of symptoms ranging from unpleasant to dangerous. Moreover, digestive difficulties often prove elusive to diagnose and treat.

Naturopathic medicine treats digestion, its importance, and potential complications, as vital expressions of mind and body balance. At SCNM, we find particular success helping patients manage, or heal from:

Taking a naturopathic approach to healing, SCNM physicians are uniquely able to weigh the combination of dietary, environmental, scientific, and personal factors contributing to your condition, and design an individualized plan that will let you stop treating the symptoms and find relief by addressing the underlying cause.

Treatment of digestive disorders is a collaborative effort between patient and physician. Diagnosis generally requires an assessment of your medical history and current situation, an evaluation of your symptoms, and appropriate testing.