Getting older is a natural part of life 

As you age, hormone levels, organ functioning, and neurological functioning all change, and this presents a unique set of health challenges. Geriatric medicine focuses on the health challenges, needs, and abilities of the elderly population. 

Rather than focusing on a certain age group, this branch of medicine is concerned with diseases and symptoms that can occur any time in your adult life, but are seen more frequently in the elderly.  This includes conditions like:


Naturopathic physicians at SCNM use their advanced training to get a clear picture of your current health problems and past medical history. Using information from your intake, physical exams, and lab tests, they will identify the causes of your condition and construct an individualized treatment plan that addresses them. In this way, your naturopathic physician will treat your true health needs instead of just masking your symptoms. 

Treating you as a whole person with a lifetime of experiences and health issues ensures a more holistic healing approach and dynamic results for you as a patient. Whether it’s a chronic problem, or a newly-developing symptom, naturopathic physicians at SCNM are there to offer solutions such as dietary counseling, nutritional supplementation, mind-body medicinehomeopathy, hydrotherapy, IV nutrients, acupuncture, and physical medicine.  You will also be educated on what changes your body is going through and healthy lifestyle habits to ensure health, happiness, and longevity.

Don’t spend your golden years worrying about your health. Whether you want to prevent, manage, or treat disease, come in and see one of our naturopathic physicians today.