When our son was diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin, we wanted to find a natural way. Soon after starting naturopathic treatment at the SCNM Clinic, we began to see changes in his mood and focus.  Now, three months later, he’s doing amazing. Even his teacher says she notices a big difference – fewer time outs, more focus, and he gets along better with his classmates. We are so thankful we found a place that helped us put our son’s health back on the right track - naturally. - Lisa W., Tempe

Looking for a Better Way?

All children are different, which is why naturopathic physicians at SCNM take the time needed to get to know your little one. Our highly trained and skilled physicians will complete a thorough intake, perform necessary physical exams, and order any pertinent tests or imaging. They will use this information to develop a safe, effective, and unique treatment plan for your child.

Treatment varies from child to child, but can include homeopathy, dietary recommendations, supplementation, mind-body medicine, biofeedback, neurofeedback, and botanical medicines.  Your physician will also educate you on your child’s development and any symptoms they may be experiencing. When parents understand the health of their child, not only do they feel more at ease but they make healthier decisions as well.

Bring your child in to the SCNM Clinic for any health concerns or just for a general wellness visit. Our medically-trained naturopathic physicians will provide quality care for their developing mind and body.