Many women take care of others while balancing professional, social, and family obligations. That means we sometimes set aside our own needs to the detriment of our health. Women must know that self care is absolutely a priority! 

Health begins with prevention. Yearly women's wellness exams include a review of your health history, a physical exam, and blood work. These check-ups help identify breast and cervical cancer as well as anemia, thyroid issues, and cardiovascular disease. They are also an excellent time to consult with your doctor about a diet and lifestyle that promotes health and vitality. New guidelines mean that a yearly pap is no longer required for most women, but a yearly check-up is still important and is typically covered by insurance. 

We see many, many women who struggle with symptoms of hormone imbalance, which might include menstrual (or premenstrual) symptoms, mood changes, abdominal pain/bloating, fatigue, sleep disturbance, headaches, low libido, and weight changes. The good news is that these symptoms are treatable! Women shouldn’t assume that monthly pain and discomfort is normal. Simple treatments can often address these symptoms and improve quality of life.