"It’s been one of the roughest journeys of my entire being, [but] I finally feel the unity of body, mind and spirit,” Beverly says.

On March 10, 2015, Beverly J. Stubbs, 75, wandered into the SCNM medical clinic in a scary daze. “I have an appointment with Dr. Stephen Messer,” Beverly murmured to the front desk staff. As she waited for Dr. Messer to come out she contemplated how she would explain what was happening to her.

When Dr. Messer appeared she drew a sigh of hope. A month prior, Beverly had stumbled upon a book while frantically looking for answers to her bizarre systems that were robbing her of her cognition. Beverly, a certified Gerontologist, was quite aware of the aging process, but these symptoms seemed foreign.

From the title alone, Dr. Kathleen Fry’s novel, “VITALITY! How to Get it and Keep it: A Homeopath’s Guide to Vibrant Health Without Drugs,” stood out to Beverly. The book was a gathering of case studies of patients who suffered from both acute and chronic conditions, but found little solace in conventional medicine. Beverly saw herself in these patients, and was inspired as she read how homeopathy was used to eliminate chronic diseases.

Beverly reflected upon the various medications she was taking at the time—Ambien, Celexa and Benicar—and wondered if they were contributing to her ailments. She began seeking out doctors who practiced homeopathy, and that is when she found SCNM.

“I was hooked on Ambien. I was taking anti-depressants that were numbing my feelings and emotions. I felt like I was putting a Band-Aid on and the medications weren’t the answer,” Stubbs reflects after seven weeks of treatment.

When Beverly entered Dr. Messer’s office, she seemed disoriented and confused. “I honestly thought she was experiencing dementia. My first thought was she was an Alzheimer’s case and I assumed I would have to treat her for that,” Dr. Messer says.

After a thorough consultation, Dr. Messer began doubting she had Alzheimer’s at all. He ordered various blood panels and reviewed her lists of medications, and then ordered Beverly time-release Melatonin rather than Ambien and placed her on a Progestrerone as well as homeopathic medicines.

Within a few weeks, Beverly felt clarity she hadn’t felt in years. “The Melatonin changed my life, it gave me the gift of sleep,” she says. As the fog began to lift, Beverly began adding 30 minutes of walking to her daily routine, regulated what she ate and was able to get off her anti-depressants completely.

“It’s been one of the roughest journeys of my entire being. A journey through undulating raw and rough emotions and tough body challenges. I finally feel the unity of body, mind and spirit,” Beverly says.

Beverly continues to see Dr. Messer and says her mission is to remind others to take control of their health and actively participate. “You’re never too old to make healthy changes,” she says.

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