“I just can’t believe I’m swimming”. – Daniel

Mrs. Fulton, Daniel Fulton's Mother

In December 2009, my son Daniel was living in Telluride, Colorado, when he hit a tree while snowboarding. His helmet saved his life, but it was cracked all the way through. He spent a month at a hospital in Colorado before we brought him back to Arizona, where he has progressively gotten better ever since.

After the accident, we were asked if we wanted to donate his organs. We were given a 10% chance of making it through the first 48 hours, then a 10% chance of coming out of his coma. When I spoke with several ICU doctors, they told me that only 1% of people with these injuries recover as much as Daniel has today.

When we came back to Arizona, Daniel was still non-responsive, but he eventually woke out of his coma. We moved him to several facilities over the next few months, but then we ran into issues with our insurance and our policy ran out. We had to get creative and found acupuncture, water therapy, and other alternative treatments—anything we could afford.

We started taking Daniel to the SCNM Medical Center. Dr. Deng did an evaluation of Daniel and started him on a weekly acupuncture treatment.  Slowly but surely, we started seeing improved range of movement in Daniel’s body. We increased his appointments to twice a week and saw even more improvement.  

Due to damage in his frontal lobe and cerebellum, his memory, balance and speech were affected. With his acupuncture treatment at the SCNM Medical Center and additional physical, speech and recreational therapy, he is doing amazing. He has a healthy appetite, exercises, and hasn’t been sick once since his accident. 2½ years ago he could barely lift his arm and now he’s swimming! His vision is almost back to perfect; he used to have double vision and trouble with depth perception.   I used to have to hover around Daniel because he was so prone to falling, but now his balance has improved so I don’t have to watch him all the time. He has gone from being in a wheelchair, to a four-wheeled walker, and now has graduated to a cane!

Daniel looks forward to his appointments here. I would like to give Dr. Deng and everyone else at the Medical Center a big thank you. The front desk is so friendly and everyone is willing and passionate about making improvements in Daniel’s life.


My health has improved a lot. I believe in naturopathic medicine. Other therapies wanted to hand out pills. Your body has so much healing power and you can fix a lot yourself. Naturopathic medicine is about making your body realize it can heal itself. Believing the treatment will work is also very important; the mind is a lot more powerful than a pill.

I am thankful for my mom who found the SCNM Medical Center. I want to say thank you to everyone because I don’t know where I would be without their treatment and support. 

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