“It was my tour in Iraq.” – Gwen

Prior to going to the SCNM Medical Center and being treated by Dr. Nicole Cain, I was dealing with a range of conditions: Crohn’s disease, chronic pain from military disabilities, memory loss, bad menstruation and general ill health.

I served 4-1/2 years in the Army and another 1-1/2 in the Army Reserves as a wheeled vehicle mechanic. My potential toxic exposure was very high, especially from deployment in Iraq.  After a very thorough intake interview, Dr. Cain suggested testing for lead toxicity, something that never occurred to my other doctors. No surprise—my lead toxicity levels were through the roof! Many of my seemingly unconnected symptoms were suddenly explained by one diagnosis.

We cut out some foods from my diet and added others, increased my exercise, began hydrotherapy to flush out my system, and changed my bath and body products to non-toxic alternatives. She put me on a homeopathic remedy that reined in the anxiety and PTSD cause by my military experiences and I switched to non-hormonal birth control. She also taught me stress reduction techniques. Dr. Cain's background in counseling is very helpful in treating the holistic person and not just the physical symptoms.

Dr. Cain's solutions were really manageable and doable; small changes that made a big difference and I saw huge improvements very quickly! My mood, fatigue, pain, and even my skin got better—I was glowing from the inside for a change! My Crohn's became asymptomatic and my memory improved.

My husband noticed the difference right away and our marriage grew stronger.  I didn’t have any known fertility problems, but I did not want to become pregnant for fear of passing on inborn lead toxicity. As my levels came down to normal range and my health improved, we started preparing for pregnancy. Dr. Cain recommended prenatal vitamins to create a good buildup of nutrients in my system and probiotics to encourage healthy gut flora. Once everything looked good, I became pregnant effortlessly with a wonderfully healthy baby.

I’m incredibly thankful to Dr. Cain. Without her, I would still have a dark cloud over my health and I would not have been able to become pregnant with confidence. She’s made a complete 180-degree difference in my life with her treatment.

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