Johanna and David

Johanna and David

“We got our son back” – Johanna and David

When our son was two months old, he started to get repeated respiratory and ear infections. We continued seeing our pediatrician and getting his vaccinations even though we felt he was having immune health issues. Soon after he turned one, his hearing seemed to fade and we thought he was losing his hearing from all the ear infections. A hearing test proved his hearing was fine. He also seemed to withdraw from interaction.

A friend whose husband was attending SCNM at the time recommended we take Mattias to see SCNM’s Dr. Baral. Dr. Baral spent a lot of time getting to know our son and quickly saw the symptoms of autism. Dr. Baral’s diet and supplementation recommendations were so easy, and slowly, we started to get our little boy back. Since then, Mattias’ progress has been incredible and we thank Dr. Baral for setting his improvement in motion.

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