Norma wrote us a beautiful letter outlining how her treatment at SCNM has changed her life.

Having lived a lifetime of joint pain and multiple surgeries with no real solutions to end the pain I was in, I feel very blessed to have finally found a support network, a community of professionals, and a natural medical treatment that would take me out of what seemed a never ending cycle of pain and physical limitations. After extensive research into stem cell treatments to address my debilitating hip problems and excruciating pain and with the help of my family, I found Dr. Klee Bethel.

After sending him all my medical history, documents, x-ray images and the like, I had the opportunity to talk with Dr. Bethel and consult with him about my specific case for over an hour on the phone. Dr. Bethel answered all my questions from the science behind the procedures, to financial options, to long-term goals, all with a refreshing calmness and honesty that sometimes is lacking in other medical professionals.

Dr. Bethel’s holistic approach to my health challenges did not separate me as a real person from my health issues. I was treated as a whole, and as such the treatment already put me in a position of healing all throughout. Dr. Bethel’s entire team at SCNM reflects and parallels that vision, professionalism, and compassion that comprise the essential foundation for healing and long-term benefits. Dr. Bethel and his team members stay on top of the patient’s wellbeing, staying in touch after the procedure, making sure all questions are answered and any request for further assistance is fulfilled in a timely manner.

I am very happy I chose to cancel a total hip replacement surgery two weeks before it was scheduled in order to to give stem cell treatment with Dr. Bethel a chance. Almost 7 weeks after the procedure, my hip pain has been reduced significantly. I can move, walk, drive, spend quality time with my child and family more easily: basically live a normal life with fewer limitations which I hadn’t been able to do for many years. Complementing my recovery with natural supplements, a healthier lifestyle that includes a clean diet, and being more aware of foods and activities that contribute to a stronger, healthier, pain-free me has enhanced my overall experience as well.

Thank you Dr. Bethel and everyone on your team for everything.



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