“My confidence in my body's ability to heal was pretty much gone, and so was my karate program.”

Before Shay began seeking care at the SCNM Medical Center, she was unable to digest food and taking multiple medications.

“I felt trapped,” Shay added. “Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE martial arts. The worst part of all these conditions was that I stopped teaching completely and practically stopped training.”

The list of physical ailments Shay struggled with included gastric and digestion problems, soft tissue damage from previously dislocating her right wrist, left shoulder, and jaw, among other injuries. She also suffered from a handful of mental health and substance abuse diagnoses. The ailments “came with heavy stereotypes and stigma,” Shay explained. Facing these stereotypes affected every aspect of her life, including her involvement in martial arts.

“My confidence in my body’s ability to heal was pretty much gone, and so was my karate program,” she said.

But in 2013, Shay made an appointment with Dr. Katie Stage for her digestive issues. Dr. Stage, along with her resident and student doctors, did thorough testing and diagnostics; based on the results, the ‘care team’ recommended Shay try an elimination diet paired with proper supplements and nutritional IVs to treat candida overgrowth.

During the treatment for digestion, Dr. Stage and her team began asking Shay more questions about her whole self. They openly listened to Shay's experiences, including multiple years abstinent from substance abuse. Then, based on testing and assessments, they prescribed appropriate homeopathic remedies, herbal medicine, teas, and glycerites, along with providing Shay a chance to process underlying causes in a non-judgmental environment.

Other treatments included traditional Chinese medicine and mind-body techniques such as craniosacral therapy. Dr. Stage also referred Shay to Dr. Vance Inouye for the soft tissue damage throughout her body, which he treated through a variety of methods including prolotherapy, spinal manipulation and soft tissue massage.

The positive attitude of the staff, doctors and students, paired with the right treatments and compassionate care, allowed her to get better and even begin teaching martial arts again.

Shay added: “My experience at SCNM has helped me by [teaching me to] not take doing what I love for granted.”

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