"We found out pharmaceuticals weren't necessary.” – Dana, Trey's Mom

Before we took our son to the SCNM Medical Center, he had very low energy and his immune health was very weak due to the tics he experienced throughout his body. We had taken him to a pediatric neurologist who ran some tests and prescribed something that would help keep his tics under control. Listening to all the side effects of the medication, we were horrified.

My friend was a patient at the SCNM Medical Center and mentioned how positive her experience had been. We took Trey to see Dr. Baral who really took the time to get to know and understand Trey as a person. He asked a lot of questions and ran some blood tests to see what nutritional deficiencies or allergies he had.

Dr. Baral prescribed a couple supplements for his Iron and Vitamin D deficiencies, as well as a homeopathic treatment that worked wonders.  The treatment was exactly what his body needed, and his tics disappeared.

My son’s health changed from night and day and he is doing so great. We just came back from a camping trip, and his energy level was through the roof! He used to be the one huffing and puffing on a walk, but this time he kept up with us just fine. He is strong, very healthy, and not sick often any more.

It’s just been a huge blessing. Trey wasn’t just another patient – we never felt that way. Dr. Baral just really cared about our son and his progress. We want to thank Dr. Baral for taking the time to get to know Trey and for never giving up on him.


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