Amanda Alexander, ND, MEd

Amanda Alexander, ND, MEd

About Me

I'm loyal and kind-hearted. It brings me joy to bring others joy, which is why I sincerely love my career as a naturopathic physician and professor. In my spare time, I enjoy learning new things by reading books or journals about how the body works and about interpersonal relationships. I also like watching YouTube videos about natural hair and meeting new people to glean from their experiences. I love traveling abroad and have a personal goal to visit six continents—minus frigid Antarctica!

Top Emphasis

Hormone Balancing (PMS, Thyroid, Low Libido, Infertility, Menopause) 

Secondary Emphasis

Gastrointestinal Health


University of Georgia (bachelor’s degree in biology, 2001); Georgia State University (master's degree in science education, 2006); Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (Doctor of naturopathic medicine, 2012)  

My Mission

I have a profound passion to help others improve their health so they can live vibrant, fulfilling lives and carry out their purpose. With patience and dedication, together we will do our best to get you there!

Top Achievement

I’ve made multiple KPAZ/TBN television appearances on “Joy in our Town” with Vanessa Valero (2015 and 2016).


Dear God Bless This Mess: What Christians Should Know About Food Health and Healing,” DearGodBlessThisMess.com, “Facilitating Fertility” (Arizona Republic, 2014), “Natural Methods to Combat Psoriasis” (Arizona Republic, 2014), “Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome: A Comprehensive Treatment Review” (AzNMA, 2013)

Professional Associations