Ashley Milhizer, NMD

Ashley Milhizer, NMD

About Me:

For as long as I can remember I have dreamt of being a doctor. It wasn’t until a loved one was diagnosed with cancer, however, that I even knew naturopathic medicine existed. With a poor prognosis and little faith in what conventional methods had to offer, I designed an all-natural-at-home regime, hoping to buy us time until we came up with a plan. After two months of following my recommendations his cancer went into remission. He is still cancer free today, almost seven years later. Experiencing how powerful proper nutrition and the basic tools of nature can be first hand forever changed me. It was then that I knew naturopathic medicine was the direction for me.

Being an active/athletic individual my whole life, I am no stranger to physical injury. Between the understanding I gained from constantly fixing myself and the passion I have for healing with my hands, pain management was an obvious choice of direction for me. Knowing that these days, most people experience some kind of pain, being able to make an impact in people’s everyday lives starting with the first visit is truly rewarding for me.


I focus on natural pain management and relief. This includes everything from supplement/dietary/herbal recommendations to physical medicine and applied kinesiology to regenerative injection therapies (prolotherapy, PRP, and stem cell).

Additionally, I focus on hormone optimization, an important piece in overall health and healing.


University of California, Davis (Bachelor of Science, Exercise Biology, minor in Nutrition and Food).

Additional Training:

Certified in Applied Kinesiology.

Additional training in physical manipulation, injection therapy, micro-needling, and hormone replacement therapy.