Samar Riaz, ND

Samar Riaz, ND

About Me: I take every day as a learning opportunity for myself and I love what I do so much that my peers awarded me with “Most Likely to Never Retire” award. I always look forward to a challenge and my passion for researching new, upcoming advanced and holistic treatments helps me provide my patients with a treatment plan that is best for them. When it comes to creating treatment plans for my patients, I truly believe in “less is more”. In my free time, I love reading books and research articles, exercising, and spending time with my family and friends.

Top Emphasis: Endocrinology (Male and Female Hormones including thyroid disorders, menopause, PMS, bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy, fertility treatment and more), Men’s Health (Wellness Exams, Low libido, Sexual dysfunction, Prostate disorders)

Secondary Emphasis: Pediatric Developmental Disorders (ADD/ADHD, Autism, Global Developmental Disorders)

Education: University of Waterloo (2011) and Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine (2017)       

My Mission: My mission is to empower my patients so that they can take control of their own health. I understand that each patient is unique and I focus on providing individualized treatment plans using an integrative approach. I strive to meet my patients where they are at and help them understand how each treatment impacts their body.

Top Achievements: Graduated with Honors from SCNM (2017), Salus Scholarship Award (2016), Vis Medicatrix Naturae Scholarship Award (2015), University of Waterloo Presidents Scholarship (2006)

Publications: Langland J, Riaz S, Dyke AV, Beck F (2017) Treatment of Pain Associated with Lyme disease Neuralgia Using Perineural Injection Therapy: A Case Report. Curr Res Complement Altern Med:CRCAM-119.