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Adrenal Fatigue Testing

Adrenal Fatigue Testing

Low energy? Can't concentrate? Difficulty sleeping? Get your adrenal glands tested at the SCNM Medical Center!

The adrenals secrete steroids including cortisol, DHEAs and aldosterone plus adrenaline and nor-adrenaline.

An abnormal adrenal rhythm can cause:

  • Excessive fatigue and lack of vitality
  • Nervousness and irritability
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Mental depression
  • Poor memory
  • Sleep disturbances

The Adrenal Fatigue Test is only $199 and tests four cortisol levels that measure stress response and DHEA/DHEAs levels. No blood draw required - just five saliva samples that can be done at home. The package includes a 15-minute consultation and a review of the results with a naturopathic doctor.

No doctor appointment or referral necessary - request your test with the lab directly by completing our convenient online form or calling 480.222.9818 today!