Here at our medical center, our doctors are fully committed to providing you and your family comprehensive healthcare using natural medicine.

What we do

We treat patients of all ages with conditions ranging from mild to severe. We provide primary care to improve your general heath as well as specialty care to treat specific conditions. Whatever the reason for your visit, our physicians and staff will provide you with excellent service to get your needs met.

Who you will see

There are over numerous NDs and MDs on staff at SCNM with a wide range of specialties. Due to the diversity of our practicing doctors, you will be able to find a physician that is knowledgeable about your specific condition so a treatment plan can be drawn up. At your visit, you will have a whole team dedicated to your healthcare. This team is comprised of a doctor, a resident, a third year medical student, and a fourth year medical student. You benefit from every member of the team: the experience of the attending physician, the proficiency of the resident, and the passion of the senior students. You may also see just a physician at a private clinic visit.

Where to go

Our beautiful campus is located in Tempe right off the 101 for your convenient access. All patients have access to easy parking on site. We provide a pleasant, clean environment to ensure your visit is as comfortable as possible.

How to make an appointment

You can click here to request an appointment with a physician or resident, or call 480.428.3232. We also do our best to provide same day appointments for urgent care. Please call and we will try our very best to accommodate you.