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Lauren Salisbury, ND, MS

My Mission: My passion lies in meeting my patients wherever they are on their journey to health. I’m committed to helping you make simple and profound change that can deeply impact your life.

Top Emphases:  Mental Health, Autoimmune Disease, Women’s Health

Call the SCNM Medical Center to schedule and appointment with Dr. Salisbury at 480.428.3232

Dr. Salisbury's favorite products

  • Seroyal Super EFA Plus - Fish oil helps to reduce inflammation in the body, Inflammation is linked to many mental health concerns and can worsen numerous autoimmune diseases.
  • Seroyal Ribes Nigrum - Stimulates and supports the adrenal glands, this product is great for the chronically stressed individual who also wants a boost in their energy.
  • Designs for Health Mood Stasis - Saffron, Sceletium, methylated Folate and B12 help to decrease depressive and anxiety symptoms. This product can elevate your mood, decrease anxiety and stress while helping to reduce tension.
  • Vitanica FemRebalance - A botanical formula designed to help rebalance hormones for women of reproductive age.

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