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Product of the Month

There is nothing worse than getting a cold during the holidays!

If you’re looking for a delicious way to stay healthy this holiday season, try our product of the month, Black Elderberry. Naturally chock full of vitamin C and bioflavonoids, elderberry (sambucus nigra) has been prized for centuries as an effective herbal remedy against colds and flu. Because of its longstanding reputation as an immune system supporter, it can be taken as a daily tonic to promote wellness.

If your body is already in defense mode, you can take elder berry to support the healing process and feel better sooner. Research has shown that this herb is effective in shortening the duration of the flu and helping to alleviate symptoms of flu, sore throat, bronchitis and the common cold. Honored by various cultures as a “tree of regeneration,” the elder has a rich history of enhancing the health and vitality of those who make use of it. You can find elderberry in several forms at the Medicinary: the sweetly scrumptious syrup, the dried whole berries or the ever-convenient capsules.