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Patient (Neil Riordan Center)

I worked as library faculty at Chandler-Gilbert Community College for 20 years before becoming library staff at SCNM a year and a half ago. Before starting treatment at the Neil Riordan Center, my right leg was numb from the middle of my thigh to my ankle. The numbness came about from nerve damage from a venous ablation treatment. One of my students recommended that I try the acupuncture treatments that heal the nerve. I’ve been receiving treatment for almost a year and now, the numbness is gone from my thigh, with the exception of a spot the size of a silver dollar.

Before my treatments at the Neil Riordan Center, I felt that my PCP office treated me as just another number, not offering me any personalized treatment. I’d recommend going to the Neil Riordan Center because of the personalized service that they provide.