How your surroundings affect your health

Human health is directly affected by both internal and external conditions. You can work on your internal state of health with diet, exercise, and stress management, but what about your external environment? Environmental medicine focuses on the interaction between your surroundings and your health. This includes indoor and outdoor air quality, water quality, and exposure to heavy metals and toxic chemicals.

Environmental triggers can lead to a host of symptoms and diseases, affecting any system in the body. SCNM physicians are using environmental medicine to treat an array of conditions, such as:

Your physician will begin your first appointment with a thorough medical intake, pertinent physical exams, and will order labs and imaging tests if necessary. They take the time to fully understand your case, because naturopathic philosophy is to treat the underlying cause of disease instead of suppressing your symptoms.

As part of this comprehensive medical assessment, your physician will also perform an environmental medicine intake, focusing on the homes you have lived in, industries you have worked in or lived near, and personal hobbies that indicate a past or current exposure. Your SCNM physician may also order specific blood tests to measure the levels of toxins or heavy metals in your body, which can be used to identify the source of your exposure and also monitor your response to treatment over time.

Treatment options are numerous, and a specific treatment plan will be developed for you. Therapies at SCNM include IV chelation therapy, hydrotherapy, dietary and nutritional support, detoxification, colon hydrotherapy, homeopathy, and acupuncture. Lifestyle coaching and education is a crucial element in effective environmental medicine treatments, as decreasing current toxin exposure is a must for long-term health. Your naturopathic physician will teach you how your hobbies, your environment, and the chemicals in your home affect your health.

Learn more about how your environment and health are related, and get healthier while you do it. 

Dr. Bain, Dr. Kennedy, Dr.Volk, Dr. Wright