Cleansing and restoring health 

Detoxification is a natural and necessary bodily function, neutralizing toxic or unwanted chemicals and preparing them for elimination out of the body. This keeps your insides healthy and working properly. In today’s world, avoiding harmful chemicals is increasingly difficult and, in many ways, impossible. That is why it is especially important to support your body’s detoxifying processes.  

Much like your skin won’t be healthy if you never wash it, your internal organs and tissues won't be healthy if they are never cleansed. When toxins built up in the body can lead to a host of symptoms and diseases. These harmful substances can cause direct damage to tissues and organs, as well as inflammation, congestion, and interference with your body’s normal functions. Detoxification and elimination support is used to restore health and vitality for conditions such as:


Detoxification can be encouraged in many different ways, and your naturopathic physician at SCNM will choose the one that best fits your needs and current health.  In general, your treatment will focus on stimulating the liver’s detoxification processes and enhancing excretion through the sweat, urine, and bowel movements. Your physician may support these processes with:


Naturopathic doctors at SCNM take the time to get a detailed picture of your health and medical history so they can determine the root cause of your symptoms.  Knowing the underlying cause allows your physician to create treatments specifically for you, alleviating your symptoms by removing the obstacles to the cure and enhancing whole-body health.

At your first visit, your naturopathic physician will conduct a thorough medical intake, perform physical exams, and order labs and imaging tests when necessary.  Based on the results, they will construct an individualized treatment plan, taking into account your health needs and goals.  Treatment can consist of acupuncture, nutritional counseling, hydrotherapy, IV therapy, mind-body medicine, lifestyle coaching, and much more.

Detoxification is a crucial internal process that can affect your health is many ways.  Our naturopathic physicians have the knowledge and training to support your body’s ability to neutralize and remove harmful substances, promoting exuberant health and well-being.