Less is more

Perineural Injection Therapy, also known as neural prolotherapy, is an elegant but simple solution in the treatment of pain. It is a revolutionary approach to neuropathic pain and other musculoskeletal conditions refined by John Lyftogt, MD, a physician living in New Zealand. It involves the subcutaneous injection of pharmaceutical-grade dextrose to safely and effectively heal injured nerves and restore tissue function.

How Does it Work?

Nerves are commonly injured at sites on the body that pass over bony edges or through various levels of connective tissue called fascia. In addition, stretching or crushing of nerves may also lead to injury. In the normal state, the TRPV1 receptor helps maintain normal healthy tissue. When injured, nerves turn up the volume of these receptors leading to localized inflammation, pain, and eventually degeneration. Ongoing research shows that dextrose may bind to this TRPV1 receptor leading to restoration of healthy nerves and tissue.


Why Receive Perineural Injection Therapy?

If you have pain and are a competitive athlete, a busy parent, or active professional that can't afford significant downtime recovering from an injury, this quick and effective treatment is a perfect solution.



Perineural Injection Therapy

Traditional Prolotherapy


Less downtime

More downtime


Dextrose, saline, and bicarbonate

Dextrose, saline, local anesthetic


Very safe

Very safe, but reaction to anesthetic can occur


Very well tolerated

Well tolerated, more post-treatment pain and inflammation

Injection site

Shallow- just under skin along nerves

Deeper- including joint spaces


1-2 weeks apart

4-6 weeks apart

Treatments required

Individualized, but generally 4-8

Individualized, but generally 4-8

Target tissue

Nerves and in turn connective tissue

Connective tissue such as ligaments, collagen, and tendons

Insurance coverage



Perineural Injection Therapy is a revolutionary natural pain relief treatment. Click here to learn about our free 15 minute pain consultation.