Use Your Own Blood to Relieve Pain

Platelet rich plasma treatment or PRP is another excellent form of injection therapy that is used to relieve pain. First, blood is collected from the patient.  This blood is then separated in a centrifuge so that plasma and platelets can be extracted.  Platelets are a component of blood responsible for tissue repair because they contain growth factors and cytokines responsible for healing.  By taking the plasma and platelets and concentrating them, our doctors can direct them via injection to a specific site, thus focusing the healing process to exactly where you want it.  This natural method of treatment uses the body’s own signaling and process for healing to relieve pain.  

Many different forms of pain in a variety of body parts can be treated with PRP.  Some of its uses include, but are not limited to: musculoskeletal complaints, orthopedic treatments and aesthetic procedures.  It is excellent for treating arthritic joints such as knees and shoulders (specifically rotator cuff injuries).

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