What are stem cells?

If you are experiencing chronic pain and are looking for an alternative to prescription pain killers or surgery, stem cells may be an excellent option. Opioid based pain medications come with a rash of side effects as well as the potential for addiction. Invasive orthopedic surgery such as spinal fusion includes hospital stays and months of recovery. Stem cell injections are much less invasive and will allow you to go about your life normally without the negatives that come with other options.

Where do the cells come from?

Stem cells are located in reservoirs within the body in areas such as bone marrow and fatty tissue. The stem cells are extracted from a patient’s own body, not from human embryos.

How do they work?

Stem cells are precursor cells that differentiate into more specific types of cells. Stem cells have the capability of directing the repair of tissues which are involved in the generation of the pain. This is a groundbreaking form of regenerative medicine that has the potential to relieve pain caused by degenerative diseases and injury.

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