Movement has the power to promote relaxation, balance, and regeneration

Sometimes your body needs some physical attention to feel better.  Physical medicine encompasses numerous treatments that create movement in the body using mechanical, chemical, or electrical means. The movement of blood and fluid promotes the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the area and waste products away from the area.  The movement of muscles and bones promotes proper alignment and motor functioning.   

Physical medicine has many uses, from bringing fluid towards or away from a body part, correcting spinal or joint subluxations, or kneading out fascial adhesions and muscle “knots.” SCNM physicians are using physical medicine as part of their treatment plans for musculoskeletal conditions like:


Physical medicine is generally used for conditions like pain, muscle spasms, joint instability, or weakness, but it can be used to treat other organ systems, like the respiratory system.  Some of the medical conditions the SCNM physicians are treating with physical medicine include:


Physical medicine is an umbrella term for numerous therapies that encourage proper movement and function of the body.  Some of the tools used in the SCNM Clinic include:


During your first visit at SCNM, your naturopathic physician will conduct a thorough intake, perform physical exams, and order pertinent labs and imaging.  Your physician will use this information to create an individualized treatment plan for you, which could include physical medicine treatments as well as other treatments like nutritional supplementation, acupuncture, botanical medicine, dietary counseling, and lifestyle coaching.

Come in to the SCNM Clinic and get your body moving towards health.